How did I end up here?

Do you have your life mapped out?

“…when we dare to face the unknown, we usually discover that we have more grit and tenacity than we thought. And we often land in a place that we couldn’t even have imagined when we started out.” ~ Catherine Burns, Artistic Director for The Moth What’s in the back?! I watched the snow-covered fields pass […]

Summer nostalgia

Hot summer afternoons at the swimming hole is where I learned that fear is just a feeling and feelings can be changed, even conquered.

It is a hot day for northern BC. The mercury is supposed to stop rising at 29 degrees Celsius. That’s 84 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you south of the border. I know not everyone considers that hot, but here in the north, it’s hot. We don’t often break 30 degrees in the summer and […]