Summer nostalgia

Hot summer afternoons at the swimming hole is where I learned that fear is just a feeling and feelings can be changed, even conquered.

It is a hot day for northern BC. The mercury is supposed to stop rising at 29 degrees Celsius. That’s 84 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you south of the border. I know not everyone considers that hot, but here in the north, it’s hot. We don’t often break 30 degrees in the summer and […]

Attitude is everything!

Walking Hadrian's Wall taught me more about myself than I ever imagined.

My Sweet looked at my feet a few days ago and said, “Don’t you think you should go see a doctor about that?” “Ummm…no. No I don’t.” What I preach about going to see the doctor and what I practice are often just slightly off-track. I may be a bit stubborn about stuff like that. […]

Miracles happen

It is Easter Sunday. I’m tucked into my chair in the corner of the dining room where I can watch the birds at the feeder and the deer stroll through the yard on their quest for easy food. The sky is a little grey. On a normal year, this would be the first big family […]